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Name Name is required. Email Email is required. We went through the incongruously mundane motions of brushing our teeth and putting our pajamas on, but in a castle.

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For a while we sat down on the foot of our beautiful four-poster bed and just looked around the room—the somber stone walls, the long beautiful windows, the dark shadow of Sweden across the water, the by-now-familiar skull on the table, the candles flickering in the fireplace. There had been no shortage of jokes about ghosts on the battlements throughout the day, and in our dazed and I will admit, more than a little drunk condition, it was impossible not to wonder whether the place really was haunted.

Looking at the Past Present in Hamlet and Trifles Essay

I decided it probably was and, unperturbed by that, slept like a baby. It was early still—we had a train to catch at about 6 am—and I got to watch the sun rise over the water, the shadows of the castle towers shifting and changing shape on the ground below. Even in the moment it felt unreal, and the idea of returning to my all-too-real everyday life as a graduate student in London was almost painful. There is, of course, physical evidence that it happened: pictures and articles and interviews that I can pull up with a few clicks of the mouse.

It haunts me benevolently, like a friendly ghost who instead of trying to frighten you simply fetches lost socks from under the bed or hangs your keys up where you can find them in the morning.

Scholar Talk: Looking for Hamlet

That, I think, is a clumsy but accurate analogy for my lifelong relationship with the Bard. The avuncular specter of Shakespeare has been peering over my shoulder since I was eight or nine and falling in love with his plays for the first time. And he haunts you too, whether you realize it or not. His plays have been performed in every country in the world and translated into every language including Klingon.

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He has been quoted by everyone, from Aldous Huxley to the Eagles. He is ubiquitous.

He is sneaky and cheeky and still playing daily pranks on the English language like some sort of linguistic poltergeist. Shakespeare is timeless. That may be a romantic notion and even a hackneyed one, but it is also small virtue true. In the poem I submitted for the Airbnb contest, I referenced an item of early modern lore which may be simply that.